Nutritional Hydration TM
Necessity, Mother of Invention
Ronald Reagan 40th President, United States
Robert A Good PhD MD, Fmr Dir Memorial Sloan Kettering
Dr Linus Pauling – Two Unshared Nobel Prizes
Dr Denis P Burkitt
Dr Simone Discovered
Dr Simone
Charles B Simone, M.MS., M.D. and FDA Reform
Peter Rodino Fmr Chair Judiciary
Martin Luther King Jr and Dr Charles Simone’s Speech
Dan Burton Fmr Chair House Gov. Reform
Tom Harkin, US Senator
Roberta Flack Thanks Dr Simone for His Work on Women’s Issues
Dr Simone on 60 Minutes with Mike Wallace in Cuba
Dr Simone with Muhammad Ali working to bring home POWs and MIAs
Special Operations, Dr Simone Distinguished Speaker, given Fairbairn–Sykes Knife
US Air Force Triathlon Team 2007
Elite – Khalid Khannouchi
Elite – Mary Decker Slaney
Elite – Alberto Salazar
Elite – Louie Simmons
Professional – Otho Davis
Otho Davis gave his 1981 AFC ball to Dr Simone
Professional – Emanuel Stuart
Dec 8, 2015 – NFL Legend Franco Harris wants “fantastic” Simone Super Energy to sell in his SuperBakery store
Robby Robinson The Black Prince
John McKenna, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Babe Ruth League, Steven Tellefsen President/CEO
Amateur-Jay Wind 60+ record 50K
As The Toddler Evolved…..
…. So Did SIMONE SUPER ENERGY Patented Formula
Virtually Unresponsive in a Nursing Home
Animated and Responsive A Few Days After Using Simone Super Energy
Happy, Healthy and Nutritionally Hydrated
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