Nutritional Hydration

Nutritional Hydration Medical Strategy for Military and Athlete Warriors

Poor food choices and poor lifestyles lead to sub-optimal physical and mental performance, a compromised immune system, and a higher risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease. And yet, some military and athlete warriors and some of the people who watch over them don’t think about their future risk of disease. But 60 percent of women’s cancers, 40 percent of men’s cancers and 75 percent of cardiovascular diseases are related to nutritional factors alone. Only 7%-10% of diseases are related to genetics – so we have control.

A person’s nutritional needs depend upon height, weight, age, gender, and the type, frequency, intensity and duration of activity. Some people train year round, while others train during specific times of the year. Where and how training occurs is important. Some want to gain weight, some want to lose weight, or, some like wrestlers and boxers, want to gain muscle mass but lose weight periodically to make their weight class for competition.  Some people have eating disorders. Some eat snacks and fast foods, and some take supplements that have no scientific basis. Many are dehydrated.

Some warriors know very little about nutrition. The main sources of their nutritional information are magazines, military staff, coaches, and other athletes.  Athletes say they rely on their coaches for nutritional information and sometimes even receive nutritional products with minimal scientific backing. Studies indicate that coaches, athletic trainers, and athletes need more effective nutritional information and be made aware of useless or even dangerous products.  Even the Institute of Medicine has gotten involved for the Department of Defense to develop the nutritional basis of the ration for sustained operations (SUSOPS).

You can improve your physical and mental performance and achieve greatness.  One of the most important factors is Nutritional Hydration, a phrase we coined to embody the essential basics of nutrition and hydration for the body and specifically for the muscle, nerve, and neuromuscular junction. This is a new medical strategy.

The chance of success in military operations, competitions, or emergency situations is greater if you are physically and mentally fit. Your Nutritional Hydration™ status before, during and after military missions or competitions dramatically influences your physiology and therefore influences the outcome – good or bad. The smart, well informed, well trained and properly nutritionally hydrated warrior is an awesome opponent and can beat a complacent leader. This warrior has the advantage and can become the leader. We will help you dispel many myths and share with you “tip of the spear” scientific facts to achieve superior performance, decrease risk for disease, and extend life. Nutritional Hydration Medical Strategy for Military and Athlete Warriors will positively change the lives of men and women and dramatically change their futures.


(c) 2022 Charles B Simone, M.MS, MD