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Lawrenceville, NJ (Dr Simone) – My babies wanted to know why people had different skin colors – black or white with shades between.

And what do you think is the reason? Well, you would be wrong if you think the reason is to decrease the risk of skin cancer for those who have dark skin because they live in or their ancestors came from very sunny lands.  That’s not the reason. Mother Nature (evolution) doesn’t care about the adult, Mother Nature only wants to insure the survival of the human race.

It’s all about the vitamins.  Folic acid is stored in the skin but sunlight destroys it. Black skin prevents folic acid destruction by the sun.  Folic acid is needed to form the fetus’s neural tube through which all the nerves from the brain travel down the body within the spines.  If there is not enough folic acid in the mother’s skin, the neural tube of the fetus does not completely form and the fetus/newborn child dies.

To demonstrate this, I got a clear plastic cup, cut the bottom off, and cut it from its top to its bottom, thereby opening it.  I put one of the children’s long hair (pony tail fashion) in the cup on her back and said there’s the neural tube that goes down her spine and her hairs were nerves going from the brain down to the body through the tube.  The tube had to be closed with folic acid to allow all the nerves of a baby to work properly.

Brain and Spinal Cord – National Museum of Health and Medicine, Washington DC

The human race evolved in central Africa and black skin was evolved by Mother Nature to insure that folic acid would not be destroyed by the sun.  So as people migrated north, their skin became lighter because there was less exposure to the sun, more clothing and hence more protection from the sun with cooler and colder climates, and their folic acid was preserved from less sun destruction.  This process took tens of thousands of years.  Folic acid is the reason for black or white.

Emord and Associates successfully sued the FDA to allow us to state that folic acid prevents neural tube defects.  And even though the Federal Court ordered them to comply, the FDA capriciously defied the order for years.

Besides smell, the other main function of the nose is to warm and humidify air before air gets to the lung drawing warmth and humidity from our mucosa and blood vessels. People who have originated from central Africa and other dry environments have wider noses/nostrils with large turbinates that can accommodate a greater need for humidifying the very dry air.

Happy Birthday to our great nation!

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