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Lawrenceville, NJ (Dr Simone) – More than 15 million children in the United States live in households with domestic violence and 7 million of them see severe violence such as a parent using a weapon against the other parent. This exposure causes children to repeatedly have widely fluctuating hormonal changes resulting in the “fight or flight” response. These hormonal changes increase airway inflammation and increase the risk of asthma that is more difficult to control. In addition, 63% of children who witness violence have worse emotional health than the average child. Early childhood is the greatest period of vulnerability to stress-related changes in the brain. Neurocircuitry is altered leading to more of the fear-driven brain system (limbic) and less of the interpretive functioning (frontal and prefrontal cortexes). Higher cortisol hormone levels leads to loss and damage to the hippocampus, learning problems and emotional health. Constant exposure to toxic stress (eg, domestic or community violence, maternal depression, parental substance abuse, food scarcity, poor social connectedness) during childhood can lead to permanent changes in learning, behavior, and physiology. Chronic toxic stress in childhood causes physiologic changes that lead to stress-related chronic illness and unhealthy lifestyles in adulthood.

US bureaucrats squander hundreds of millions of dollars with a foreign company on a web site that does not work. Some super rich are self-proclaimed medical/public health “authorities” and try to tell us what is best for us without seeking advice from qualified medical professionals. And while all this intrusive folly goes on, as many as 15 million children in the United States live in households with domestic violence that will alter forever their well being.

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