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Lawrenceville, NJ (dr Simone) – Miami Heat’s LeBron James discusses leg cramps (Miami Herald 6-7-14) James [who endorses Powerade] had over two bags of fluids pumped into his body after Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and that doesn’t count all the salt tablets and sports drinks and recovery concoctions that he consumed following the 110-95 loss. James couldn’t move his legs and was carried off the court. “My body just shut down,” James said. “Basically my body said, ‘OK, enough jumping for you for tonight. You’ve had enough.’ Nothing I could do about it.”

Your body doesn’t have to shut down and you do have control. But first ask yourself if you would drink ocean water. Ocean water has roughly the same amount of sodium that sports and energy drinks have, but Simone Super Energy does not.

Popular energy drinks have been linked to 21,000 Emergency Rooms visits in 2011 (Red Bull, 5-hour ENERGY and Monster Energy, January 16, 2013 – Associated Press) and 18 deaths (5-hour ENERGY and Monster Energy, November 16, 2012 – USA Today). Some energy and sports drinks contain so much acid that they erode tooth enamel (Red Bull, 5-hour ENERGY, Monster Energy, MDX, Full Throttle, Rockstar, General Dentistry, May/June 2012).

Some sports drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, as of January 15, 2013 – Chicago Tribune) have chemicals in them that are illegal in other countries.


Protein                                YES                NO
Sodium                               LESS             MORE
Potassium                          MORE              LESS
100% Daily Vitamins          YES                NO
Antioxidants                        YES                NO
Nutrients for Energy,
    Nerve, Muscle                YES                NO
Branched Chain Aminos    YES                NO
Alkaline Bicarbonate Base YES                NO
Methyl Donors                    YES                NO
Acid, Caffeine, Fat               NO               YES
Banned Substances            NO               YES
Patented Worldwide           YES                NO

Simone Super Energy (www.SimoneSuperEnergy.com) was formulated and patented by Charles B. Simone, M.D., Medical and Radiation Oncologist, author of Cancer and Nutrition and also Nutritional HydrationTM, Medical Strategy for Military and Sports Warriors. “For a body to work at maximum potential,” says Dr. Simone, “a formula must have nutrient groups that work in synergy having the correct nutrients, the correct doses, the correct chemical forms, and the correct ratios of one nutrient to another. I coined the phrase Nutritional Hydration to describe a formula providing optimum nutrition and hydration for the body and specifically for the muscle, the nerve, and the neuromuscular junction.” Dr Simone says, “Feel the difference, Make a difference!”

The following is an excerpt from my book, Nutritional Hydration (www.NutritionalHydration.com):

     Too much sodium causes stomach cramping and more thirst because it increases the osmolality and therefore has to be diluted by the body before it can be utilized.  When a large amount of sodium is added to a drink, instead of getting fluid replacement, the body has to send its own fluid to the stomach in order to dilute that large sodium load. Some activity drinks have a large amount of sodium as the main, and sometimes, only electrolyte.

  • The more sodium you consume, the greater is your need for more water intake.

  • High sodium intake decreases sweating by increasing the plasma osmolality. Sweating gets rid of heat.

  • High sodium intake leads to hypertension and stroke. In fact, a 30 year old with hypertension has a 63% risk for cardiovascular disease and this develops 5 years earlier than a person with normal blood pressure (Rapsomaniki E et al. 2014. Lancet. 383:1899-1911).

  • High sodium intake causes 10% of all deaths globally.

  • The Military has shown that water alone can be used as a tactical weapon to prevent heat casualties. 

  • Sodium supplementation is not necessary at all if you are eating a diet that normally has plenty of sodium (American diet has 6-18 gm of sodium per day).

  • Sodium loss of 11 to 16 grams can occur if you sweat about 12 liters in a day doing moderate work. But this loss is covered by your diet. In fact, no sodium supplementation is necessary after 6 hours of moderate exercise even in a hot environment.

There is virtually no scientific evidence that sodium in sports activity drinks can enhance the entry of water and glucose into the body.

(c) 2017 Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D.