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Lawrenceville, NJ (Dr Charles Simone) – Harmful algae blooms can produce toxins that cause illness in people, companion animals (dogs, cats), livestock (sheep, cattle), and wildlife (including birds and mammals). Exposures to the toxins can occur when people or animals have direct contact with contaminated water by:

  • Swimming

  • Breathing in aerosols (tiny airborne droplets or mist that contain toxins) from recreational activities or wind-blown sea spray

  • Swallowing toxins by drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated fish or shellfish 


  • rash, blisters

  • cough

  • wheezing

  • congestion

  • sore throat

  • earache

  • eye irritation

  • nausea

  • diarrhea

  • vomiting

  • headache


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