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Lawrenceville, NJ (Dr Simone) – Despite polls that show 9 out of 10 Americans support GMO food labeling, the DARK Act (Safe Food and Accurate Food Labeling Act [commonly referred to as the DARK Act – the Deny Americans the Right to Know Act about GMO food labeling]) is in the hands of the Senate. Voting will take place soon. Profits of large biotech corporations would be protected and prioritized over consumer’s constitutional right to know. These Senators must vote NO on this according to the wishes of Americans. Call or write your US Senator and tell him/her not to succumb.  The DARK Act must be stopped because it prevents Americans from being able to choose GMO foods or not. Our liberties are being taken away and this tyranny must stop.  (http://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/).


     Great work, Dr. Simone.  I have written or co-written each of the state GMO labeling laws in Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine.  When the first bill I wrote passed and survived judicial review, Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association turned to press Congress for a pre-emption bill.  That bill not only pre-empts state labeling laws, it also creates an unconstitutional prior restraint on the right of non-GMO food producers to label their products GMO Free.  Under the DARK Act, no company can label its product GMO free unless the Department of Agriculture (and FDA) approve of the company’s “food plan,” thereby erecting a prior restraint on the right of free speech.  This is indeed an evil bill, a violation of states’ rights over health and safety laws and a violation of the First Amendment freedom of speech.  The aim of the supporters of this bill is to create confusion in the market whereby consumers will not be able to discern which foods contain GMOs.  In that way, they hope to profit off of public ignorance.  Deception codified is deception nonetheless.  Best,

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